10 Useful tips to crack NEET 2020 in 3 months

How to prepare for NEET in 3 months

We all know the feeling we get when exams are around. Scared, nervous, not confident, tired, exhausted and at the same time, excited. The feel is really mixed and interesting. And that feeling is what comes to all of us since our 6th 7th grade exams. But what when it comes to these competitive exams? It gets even worse. 

You know that you have prepared well, but you are not sure. You know the answer, but you are not sure. Competitive exams are highly competitive. So do you know what you need to do in order to get the results? Become their competition. Yes, Since we are talking about NEET 2020 examination today, it is not going to be easy at all. 

Being a doctor is not easy. You need determination, you need hard work, you need skills and right now, you need good marks. Yes, it is all it takes to enter into a good university. 

If you want a good college, you have to work hard and prove yourself. You need good marks and they can never come overnight. You need time. But what when you are already lacking behind? 

Yes, NEET 2020 is on its way to you and you still haven’t prepared. Then what? Now what? So the first step to achieve your goal, NEET 2020 is to read this article and follow our advice. So here we go.

How to crack neet without coaching

10 Useful tips to crack NEET 2020 in 3 months

NEET Prepration

1. Divide and rule

Ever thought why you were given a class teacher even though you had a principal in your school? Because it is always better to handle in parts than the whole. Similarly, you don’t have to finish the whole course overnight. You don’t even have to finish the chapter in a day. You need to take it easy, take it small.

Even though only 3 months are left in NEET 2020, you still need to study in parts. If you try finishing the book in one day or a month, you will fail. However, if you simply try completing a topic in a day or two, you will achieve the goal. It is not at all difficult to study NEET 2020 in 3 months, but you need to divide your whole course into different parts and then allot enough time to it.

Also, try to go as smaller as you could go. Instead of going to units, go to chapters. And if it doesn’t work for you, go for different topics instead. Take one topic and do it accordingly. In this way, you will be able to cover everything in 3 months.

2. Mark what is important

Mostly the mistake people make in their way of learning things is that they over mark the things they never needed to. Yes, try to differentiate between what is important and what is not. 

If you are marking the whole book from your marker by making it an important point, then what is the use of highlighting it? You are supposed to underline the things you think are very important. If you think that the whole paragraph, or the whole chapter is very important, then please underline the line which makes you understand it in short. Or else, if you think a paragraph is important, underline the key words. 

Try to find those keywords and try to relate the topic with the keyword. If you start understanding those keywords, you will be able to relate the whole concept with it and that is how you will save a lot of your time.

3. Use your own language, Make your own notes

Whenever you write something, you make a memory with it. For eg, if you are writing something at home while eating something randomly or doing anything, you will make a memory. And that is how you will recall things.

We always tend to remember those things which we can relate with our personal incidents. If you can relate something to you, you will be able to remember it for a longer period of time. However, if you are studying with the help of your friend’s notes, you might understand it but you are always likely to forget those things in a shorter span of time. 

Studying with the help of the book is a great idea, but studying by making your own notes, using your own language is a perfect idea. You can use your own language. Let say if you are comfortable in Hindi but the language you are studying in and opting NEET 2020 is English, you can still make notes in Hindi in order to remember things.

4. Solve unlimited question papers

You know that NEET 2020 is not going to be an easy paper. It is not the exam you have given before or you are used to. You know it is difficult and studying for NEET 2020 in 3 months can be unrealistic too. 

And since you are already short of time, you don’t have the time required for going in depth of every chapter, every practice question. But there is one thing that can always save you from all these issues. What? Solving questions papers of last year.

Now from last year, we do not mean to solve questions of 2019 and 2018 but at least 5 years question paper. Yes, go through all of those last year’s questions paper and solve each and every question. No matter how unimportant you think it is going to be, simply solve it.

Also, for more practice, make sure that you are solving the other question paper available on the internet, mock test paper available in different coaching, etc. Do not simply leave a single paper, single question unsolved.

5. Test yourself

No matter how truthful you are to others, be always 100% truthful to yourself. You don’t have to wait for anyone else to take your tests because it is you who have to complete this journey. So instead of letting others take your test and then find an excuse for less marks, why not take your own tests? 

Following the rule number one, divide and rule. Simply divide the whole course into some topics, some parts. Make different parts and divide the topics according to how difficult they are to you. 

If you have made 5 parts, make sure that you keep the most difficult one in priority. Now once you think you are capable of taking your own test, simply take a test of yours and give marks to yourself. If you find yourself weak in some topic, keep the topic in priority and give more time to it. Take your test until you score well in it.

It also doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take tests of the topics you think are easy for you. Sometimes we think that we know it but at the end, we end up making the most of the blunders there. Hence, do not make the same mistake and take your weekly test of all the courses.

Make sure that the format you are taking your test is the same as the pattern in which you are going to face your NEET 2020.

6. Beware of VIQ

Do not leave a single chance to miss something very important. And always beware of the very important questions of your course. There will be some very important questions which you keep hearing from your teachers. You do not have to leave those questions. If you are done with all the questions being told by your teachers, then find your own difficult questions. 

Take help of the internet or your friends or simply go through and find the important topics according to you and then go in depth of it. Solve those important questions in every possible way you think it can come.

7. Set your own benchmark

As discussed, you need to take your own tests. The competition of clearing NEET 2020 will be between many students all around the country but the very first competition you will find will be of you with you. 

You don’t have to waste your time competing with your friends but with you. When you take your tests, note down your progress every time you take a test. No matter how slow your progress is, if you make progress, appreciate yourself. 

You need to know the amount of progress you are making. Do not concentrate on competing with your friend. Focus on yourself. Make a goal of growing yourself with time, consistently. If you are growing down in your graph, find the concept you have a problem in and give some extra time to it. Solve it until you get it.

8. Eat Nutritional food

You must be thinking since when eating helps in scoring good? But it does, trust us, it does. If your eating habits are on time, if your eating pattern is good, if your eating choices are healthy, you are going to achieve your goal easily. It is not a deciding factor but for sure, it is a helping factor through which you will get a big help.

For eg, if you are hungry and still studying because you don’t have much time to rest, just stop. Even if you are lacking time, stop because without feeding your hunger, you can never feed your mind. In order to keep your mind active and prepare to run it for a longer period of time, you need to give enough nutrition to your body. Eat a good amount of food including vegetables and fruits and keep yourself hydrated. It is for sure going to help you.

9. Do not panic

The most common mistake people make is to start panicking about the situation where they are supposed to act smart. When we hear exams or anything that is scary enough, we start getting thoughts and we start making the things complicated. But no, do not do it.

If your NEET 2020 is just 3 months away from now and you still haven’t prepared a strong base, then do not panic but it is not going to help at all. Instead, take a breath in, breathe out and start preparing for it.

If you get bad thoughts or scary dreams about how you are not able to make your exams and this whole thing is making you not able to study well, then take a break, listen to some music, go to some park or sleep. Do whatever you think can keep you cool. And when you think you are ready, take your book and start it again.

10. Take it easy

Last but not the least, take it easy, like literally. Do not make a scene out of nothing. By this, we do not mean to take NEET 2020 casually because it is only a one time opportunity and can never be the same as before. So obviously you are supposed to perform well but the pressure shouldn’t be killing you inside.

If you are not getting enough rest, take a sleep. If your body isn’t working well, give it a rest. If you feel hungry, eat something. But the key is to not to complicate things. If you think that you are facing some difficulty in any concept, try to take the help of someone but solve it. 

In order to perform well, you are required to take good care of your mind, your body. Do not keep yourself in any pressure, do not give yourself false hopes, do not be in over confidence. Instead, be confident, be responsible and faithful towards your goal and you will get it.

So these were the very common, very simple but very essential tips you need if you want to crack NEET 2020 in 3 months. If you are still facing some issue, please feel free to share it with us.

Eduream wishes all aspirants a very good luck, followed by a successful career.

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