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MBBS In Ukraine Fee Structure 2020 [Updated]


MBBS In Ukraine 2020-21 Ukraine, the second-largest country of Europe, is home to the best Medical Colleges in the world. These universities are recognized by the world's most reputed organizations, including WHO, MCI, UNESCO, FAIMER, etc. English being the mode of education for MBBS students, it is no surprise Ukraine is the most preferred MBBS destination for Indian students. Every year Ukraine helps thousands of Indian students realize their dream of being a doctor. The systematic pedagogy, coupled with the best learning environment offers students the ideal head start in their journey to being a doctor. [...]

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Students are choosing global universities amid coronavirus


MBBS Abroad- Why this is the best time to choose suitable medical university? Aspiring to get admission in medical college abroad is not a very big deal nowadays. Though the Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on all and has halted all the educational processes around the globe, thereby stressing out the students to ponder and decide as to which medical college to apply for MBBS Abroad. Universities across the world are placing in all possible measures to ensure the safety of students, and they are coming up with new methods like Online Classes, International Exposure, better educational environment, [...]

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Russia Vs Ukraine [2020]: Where to go for MBBS


Russia Vs Ukraine: Which one should you choose for MBBS In 2020 MBBS is arguably the most sought after course among students wanting to make a career in the medical field. While some aspirants choose to complete their education in India, there are some others who dream big. A lot of students prefer Russia and Ukraine for completing their formal MBBS, MD education due to low-cost education, jobs, exposure, and tons of other factors. And now when you have the opportunity to study MBBS, you may be confused about which country to study in. But, fret not! [...]

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Free MBBS In Germany 2020- Know What is Free and What is Not


Free MBBS In Germany 2020- Know What is Free and What is Not MBBS In Germany- the most loved country by medical aspirants for MBBS and a country with largest economy in Europe and astonishing landscapes and tourist destinations needs no introduction. With a long history of research and science, Germany is the most preferred destination for higher studies too. To Study in Germany is a dream of many undergraduates and graduates. Well, why not because the world-class education quality and facilities take students many steps closer to their dream. And medical education in Germany is no [...]

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Indian’s Scarcity Of Medical Staff : A Giant Opportunity For Career


Indian's Scarcity Of Medical Staff : A Giant Opportunity For Career The whole world is grappling with the coronavirus outbreak, including India. With almost everything at a standstill, one thing that is providing some relief is the efforts of the doctors, especially in India, where the recovery rate is high. But, we all know that we are unprepared for a coronavirus surge. With just a fraction of beds, ventilators, doctors, and medical staff, India is at a greater risk of losing control over the situation. Not only the facilities but the number of doctors in India is [...]

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Planning for MBBS Abroad? Here are the 7 facts


7 Facts of MBBS Abroad Studying MBBS from abroad is not an easy thing to do. It requires hard work and dedication for a long span of time. You can’t expect it to be done in a single night. But your hard work can be reduced to some extent if you try some smart work too. Didn’t get us? Today, we are going to discuss the 7 facts of MBBS abroad. In 2019, 1519375 students registered for NEET exam, 1410755 students appeared, 108620 were absent and 797042 students qualified for the exam.  Every year, many students give the [...]

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Top 5 Medical Universities for Indian students in Abroad


Top 5 Medical Universities for Indian Students in Abroad Pursuing MBBS is a dream come true for every student. And for making this dream true, getting admission in a top medical university is mandatory. Again, it isn’t that easy in India. But if we talk about MBBS Abroad it is very easy for Indian students. In order to find out the best suitable university for an Indian student, there are many factors which needs to be considered on priority basis. So today, let us talk about the top 5 medical universities for Indian students. Eligibility for MBBS [...]

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तो इसलिए MBBS के लिए यूक्रेन जा रहे हैं भारतीय छात्र


विदेश से एम.बी.बी.एस. 5 अप्रैल 2019 को मेडिकल कॉउंसिल ऑफ़ इंडिया (M. C. I.) ने नोटिस जारी कर विदेश से MBBS करने जाने वाले छात्रों को राहत की खबर दी है। नोटिस में कहा गया है कि जो छात्र 2018 में NEET की परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण नहीं कर पाए थे या किसी भी कारण से परीक्षा में नहीं बैठ पाए थे, वह 5 जून 2019 से पहले विदेश में मेडिकल यूनिवर्सिटीज में MBBS के लिए दाखला ले सकते हैं।  साथ ही यह भी बताया कि अब NEET का स्कोर अगले तीन साल तक मान्य रहेगा। विदेश जाकर पढ़ना हर भारतीय का सपना होता है, [...]

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Latest MCI Announcement : MBBS Without NEET


Latest MCI Announcement : 2018 Passout Medical Students Can Go Abroad Without NEET before 5 June 2019 Hello there! We hope you guys are in full swing preparing for NEET 2019. While the exams are knocking on the door, the Medical Council of India(MCI) has come up with some great news, especially for those who passed out in 2018. Before getting to that, let us understand the dynamics of competitive examinations like NEET. The National Eligibility cum Entrance test (NEET) is an all-India level entrance examination for Indian students aspiring to pursue graduate or post graduate medical [...]

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MBBS Abroad: Here’s the standouts


MBBS Abroad Growing up in the Indian culture, most students aspire to travel abroad. While it is more of a fascination these days, it will not be wrong to say that, this international dream is no more a far sighted reality. Especially when, there are multiple opportunities available to club your dream with your career building spree. It is undeniable that, despite the advent of numerous career opportunities. engineering and medical are still the most sought after career choices across the country. Students enroll for entrance examination in lakhs and only a handful of those actually end up [...]

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