All you need to know about Coronavirus

If we talk about what is happening around the globe now, the very first thing which you will most likely hear is Coronavirus. Even the WHO, world health organization has also declared Coronavirus a global health emergency as it has killed more than 2000 people. Total 72,436 cases of infection have been found in total out of which the maximum number of cases is from Wuhan itself. Wuhan, the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province

So before you start searching for loads of answers and queries of Coronavirus, why not read it here all about Coronavirus today? So let’s start.

What is Coronavirus?


 is basically the family of viruses that are causing illness which can be common cold, cough, fever and even as serious as MERS, middle east respiratory syndrome and SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. The name coronavirus has come from latin word corona which means crown or halo. The reason behind that is that under an electron microscope, the image of virus looks like a solar corona.

Coronaviruses are very common and are found in many animals. It is rare for a human to get affected by any coronaviruses transmitted through an animal. Many known and very severe coronaviruses are circulating in animals and they have not yet infected any human. SARS was transmitted from civet cats to humans whereas MERS has moved to humans from a type of camel. The novel coronavirus is identified by Chinese authorities on Jan 7 and named it as COVID-19

It is a new strain which has not been identified in humans previously. But after the research, it has been found that even human to human transmission has been found of coronavirus.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

You know how the human mind works? Whenever we hear about any such news, we start relating ourself to it. We start thinking what if we have this disease?

But before you start making any assumptions, let us read the symptoms and gain some knowledge first.

The symptoms of Coronavirus includes-

– Headache

– Fever

– Runny Nose

– Cough

– Sneezing

– Sore Throat

– General feeling of unwell

– Exacerbated asthma

– Fatigue

symptoms of Coronavirus

These are the most common symptoms that one can experience in them. These symptoms are not very different from common flu symptoms. So do not confuse between them. In severe cases, it can even lead to multiple organ failure and pneumonia. According to WHO, the analysis of data shows that 82% of the cases are mild whereas 15% cases progress to severe and 3% are critical. Most of the fatal cases are found in older people and people with underlyingconditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Precautions from Coronavirus

Right now, no cure has been found for Coronavirus. However, these are some of the precautions which can be taken in order to save yourself from Coronavirus-

– Regular hand washing

– During coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose.

– Avoid non-vegetarian food.

– Avoid contact from the person showing symptoms of respiratory illness.

– Do proper rest and avoid overexertion.

– Drink enough water.

– Avoid smoking and smoky areas.

– Take medicine to reduce pain and fever.

– Use a clean humidifier or cool mist vaporiser.

Precautions from Coronavirus

What about the Incubation period?

Incubation period is basically the amount of time between infection and the onset of symptoms. And the current estimation ranges between 1 to 12 days. Generally people infected symptoms will show within 5 to 6 days.

How deadly is Coronavirus?

More than 2000 deaths has been recorded due to this deadly virus, Coronavirus. The number of fatalities has even surpassed the toll of 2002 SARS outbreak.
SARS also originated from Wuhan, China and has killed 9% of people who got infected. 800 people got infected worldwide whereas in China, there were 300
alone. But the good news is that approx 11,396 people have recovered successfully from this illness.

Origin of Coronavirus

If we talk about the origin of Coronavirus, Chinese health authorities are still figuring it out. Till now, they have found that it has came from the seafood market in Wuhan where wildlife has been trading illegally since years.

On Feb 7, researches also said that the virus might have spread from an infected animal species to humans through illegally trafficked pangolins which are even prized in Asia for medicine and food. They have also claimed bats and snakes as the source of this virus mainly.

Talking about the area, the country where the people got affected the most is in Hubei province, Wuhan, China. But it is not limited to China anymore. Even the countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, France and Taiwan have also reported one death from Coronavirus. Apart from the deaths in China, these are the countries where people have died because of Coronavirus.

According to the reports, this virus has spread in many other countries in Asia Pacific region as well as in Europe, Middle East, North America and Africa. The cases are from the people who have travelled China. Even the instances of human to human transmission also has been recorded in many countries.

Is it a global emergency?

Yes, it is a global emergency. The outbreak now constitutes a global health emergency, according to WHO. This alarm was important after witnessing the cases of human to human transmission outside China.

In order to be safe and alert, we need to take some precautions because there has been no cure found for this global emergency Coronavirus.

Infected countries

According to WHO, these countries countries, territories or areas with reported confirmed cases of coronavirus:
China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, United States of America, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates

Coronavirus in India

Even though the rates are not high, but India isn’t taking any risk and thus, a survey has been conducted out of which 40,000 responses have been received from tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India.

Till now, the country has only confirmed three cases of coronavirus and all of those patients are from the southern Indian state of Kerala. The good news is that they have fully recovered.

Indian MBBS Student in China


Every year, many Indian students who dream of becoming a doctor and a name in the medical line go to China to pursue their medical degree. All those students are right now struggling with the fear of this global emergency, Coronavirus. 

All those students and their parents are now not sure if they want to choose China as their country to study MBBS or not. Of course, it is not safe to visit China for at least 6 months. However, we do have a lot more options for the students who want to study MBBS abroad. Click here to find out more about it. 

The Indian government is giving enough facilities and providing a good amount of support to all those Indian citizens who are right now stuck in China to get them back and has successfully brought them back to the country. 

Apart from this, Indian government has also offered a big help to China to save them from this problem. They are ready to send the medicines and provide enough resources in order to fight back against COVID.

If you are not feeling safe and want to save yourself from this major problem, then please be safe and clean and keep your surroundings clean.

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