How to crack neet without coaching

NEET 2020 registrations are closed now. NTA extended the last date of registration from 31 December 2019 to 6 January 2020. Are you the one looking to prepare for NEET 2020 without coaching? Then, you really need to read this. Why? Because here, we are going to discuss about how to prepare for NEET 2020 at home without coaching. 

Mostly when we talk about any competitive exam, the first thing comes in our mind is coaching. More than 70% of students irrespective of any stream prefer coaching for studying. Reason? they want someone who can guide them. Someone with experience who can guide the students in the right direction.

Does it mean you really need a coaching to crack NEET?

No, you don’t. There are many students who crack NEET without any coaching as well. And yes, it means that it is possible. You can crack NEET without any coaching too.

But how?

How to crack NEET 2020 without coaching?

So let us now talk about how to crack NEET 2020 without any coaching at home. Scroll down and read more about it.

1. Know your basics

For learning anything, always start with the basics. And when we say basics, we mean to clear the basics of 11th and 12th. The initial things you have learned and for this, go back to your textbooks of 11th and 12th once. Even if you think you are already well versed with the books, with the concept, then you must go back and see what you have left and what you have learned. 

People consider 11th and 12th very tough and it is because it is from where you start the basics. There will be many things which might not look important but it is and hence, you need to go through the basics and make a very strong and clear basics.

2. Go through the whole syllabus

Now you must be thinking that it is the most silliest advice ever because that is what you are supposed to do, isn’t it? Well, trust us, it is very important as well. We all know this but then we make mistakes mostly in covering the whole syllabus. 

No matter how hard you try, you mostly leave things thinking that it is not very important and at last, you get stuck there. Of course, we don’t want this to happen with you. We want you to clear every chapter of yours, every concept, every topic and just make sure that do not leave anything Undone no matter what. Complete everything that is important and complete everything that you think is not important as well. If you find difficulty, divide it into parts and in the days and then cover it.

3. Make a time table

A good life leads to productive results. And yes, it is true. More disciplined you are, the more productive you will become. Your results will be good, your outputs will be better. This isn’t just about any particular thing but for everything you do. And especially when it comes to the exams, having a strict time table is really important. 

No matter what you do, if you want to progress, make a time table and also stick to it. When you make a time table, make sure that you are also keeping the other factors in mind and then making it. You must also be able to follow it and hence, make it accordingly.

4. Make realistic goals

When we make a time table or divide the syllabus into parts, we make unrealistic goals to achieve. We try to complete the whole syllabus into a week or two. But clearly, if you are studying it for the first time, you are just fooling yourself by making this goal. However, for a quick revision, you can complete it within a week. 

But again, do not rush things, do not make yourself a fool, do not keep things complicated. Make it easy for you to achieve as you know it is going to be tough.

5. Make notes

Making notes is important for you. Why? Because what you do by yourself will always be remembered. You will not forget it at all. You will keep this in mind with you. And this is the only way how you learn things. 

Try to make notes of everything. Whatever you think is important, write down on a paper and learn it. If you think making notes work for you, try to write and learn things because for most people, it works like magic. You can use your own preferred language, your own words, your own way, your own shortcuts.

Nobody is going to check it except you. Nobody is going to ask you for the notes. Just remember whatever you are writing is for yourself. The notes you are making is going to help you in the future.

6. Go through the sample papers/mock tests

Sample papers are very important. You need to go through all the sample papers and solve it as many times as you can. You can simply get the sample papers from the internet. There are many websites that offer the sample papers for free. You can download those papers and solve it. It also has answer key along with it. You can view the answer sheet after solving the paper by your own and once you do it, check where you have been wrong and what is your weak topic. 

If you want extra, then you can go to the coaching just for mock tests. You will have to pay a minimum fee and can give their mock tests and get the answer sheet with you once it is over. If you think it is still not enough for you, then exchange your papers with students from different coaching and solve them too. The whole material will be enough for you to understand the NEET.

7. Know the pattern

It is not going to be a subjective exam, it is going to be an objective one. You will get the questions which will be MCQ- multiple choice questions. You have to tick the correct answer among those 4 answers and for this, you will get limited time. There is also negative marking in the exam so whenever you answer a question, make sure that you are sure about it. If you are not, then you should leave it. 

Only answer those questions which you think you are sure else negative marking would make difficult for you to score good.

8. Be confident

Since it is a competitive exam, it is considered to be a very difficult one. And indeed, it is difficult. But that does not mean that you can not do it. Thinking positive is very essential for everyone. If you think you can, you really can. However, it doesn’t mean that be over confident. But take time, prepare for it, set your goal and give it a shot. And trust us, it is going to be very useful. Even if it is your second attempt, do take it as an opportunity and prepare ever harder because you already hold an experience and now you have got a chance to correct what went wrong with you.

9. Keep the surroundings positive

When we are planning to achieve something that you know is difficult, it is important to have a good mental health along with the surroundings. If your surroundings is positive, you will be mentally fit and relaxed. Try to have more fruits, more vegetables, try to make your eating habits clean and also do not forget to go out once a day. Do not lock yourself into a room with books because it will make you feel sick. And for achieving it, for cracking NEET, you must go out, see greenery, see people of your surroundings which will make your mind fresh and once you come back, get back with your books. 

Do not pressure yourself with the load. Keep it easy, keep it achievable. You know that you are going to read those same books until this May and for this, you need to make things easy. 

Set yourself free, do not cut off things like TV, games, Outdoor activities, parties or such things but try to limit it. They are important for you but you should always be smart enough to your priority among all. 

Final words

So these were some basics but really useful tips for every candidate who wants to clear NEET 2020.

No, it is not going to be an easy one but that does not mean you can no do it. If you plan it and stick to it, you can easily achieve the goal without any issue. It may take time, it may give you some stressful days but in the end, it is going to make you achieve your goal, your ambition.

Eduream wishes all aspirants a very good luck, followed by a successful career.

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