MBBS Abroad: Here’s the standouts

MBBS Abroad

Growing up in the Indian culture, most students aspire to travel abroad. While it is more of a fascination these days, it will not be wrong to say that, this international dream is no more a far sighted reality. Especially when, there are multiple opportunities available to club your dream with your career building spree.

It is undeniable that, despite the advent of numerous career opportunities. engineering and medical are still the most sought after career choices across the country. Students enroll for entrance examination in lakhs and only a handful of those actually end up in their dream institutions. The rest give up on their dreams.

This article is to coin the fact that, rejection from such competitive entrance examinations are never the end of the road. While engineering seats across the country have increased gradually over the years, all medical aspirants have not yet been lucky enough to surpass cut-throat competition and land up in coveted institutions. While medical seats in our country are limited, institutions abroad are offering immense opportunities. Hence, if you could not get through a NEET, for example, you do have equal or better opportunities abroad at an even lesser financial investment. Let’s skim through the primary advantages of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad.


The primary concern owing to which most families in India hesitate to send their children abroad is safety. And that is absolutely understandable. However, countries like Ukraine and Russia which house top class medical universities are very embracing towards international students. Equipped with zero tolerance policies on racism, ragging and other unwanted activities, these universities provide one of the safest studying environments across the world. Owing to low population in these countries, the government also has a more stricter hold on law and order. Hence, unsafe international destinations is a myth. Ukraine is most safest country to live!

Financial Investment

The fee structure of MCI approved universities are extremely reasonable. To your delight, a complete medical degree will cost you not more than 20 Lakh Rupees, which is hardly the case in India. Unlike India private institutions, these universities abroad charge no donation fee. Moreover, a living a decent lifestyle is extremely cheap in countries like Ukraine – $250 dollars per month at most. Hence, do not take a step back from living your international dream, by just believing in misconceptions.

No Entrance Examination

If you are planning to study MBBS abroad, then you have already bypassed the tremendous competition of entrance examinations in India. Admission to these MCI approved universities are subject to performance in Class 12.


Fortunately or unfortunately, medical universities abroad have far better infrastructural facilities. These are highly focussed on the quality of education being delivered. Students get a hands on real time experience in these institutions. Highly equipped abs and medical instruments are at each student’s disposal. Infact, medical education facilities in Ukrainian medical universities are approved by coveted institutions like WHO, UNESCO, European Council etc.

International Exposure

Mingling up with students from across the world with varied backgrounds in terms of culture, ethnicity, surely helps in the all round development of a student. It helps in creating a perspective and opinion. It lands you straight amidst the best in the world. Such exposure is invaluable to develop life skills. Moreover, job opportunities are spread across the world once a student grabs an MBBS abroad.

In this article, we by no means intend to demean the India scheme of medical study. However, these advantages of studying abroad can not be ignored. If you always had a dream of living abroad, what can be better than pursuing that dream while building a wonderful and promising career!

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