MBBS Abroad- Why this is the best time to choose suitable medical university?

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Aspiring to get admission in medical college abroad is not a very big deal nowadays. Though the Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on all and has halted all the educational processes around the globe, thereby stressing out the students to ponder and decide as to which medical college to apply for MBBS Abroad.

Universities across the world are placing in all possible measures to ensure the safety of students, and they are coming up with new methods like Online Classes, International Exposure, better educational environment, and better placement opportunities.

There are apprehensions regarding studying abroad amid pandemic. Since there is a situation of fear, you might be thinking that it is not wise to go abroad for studies.

Surprisingly, the queries for studying abroad have grown as per the reports of several admission consultants.

The main reason is, due to NEET Exam postpone, students and their parents have got enough time to research about the best medical college meeting their budget. So they are investing planty time to research about the college and connecting with different different consultants for the best price.

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People, with heigher budget, are enquiring for pursuing MBBS from universities in Germany, USA, UK, New Zealand Australia, Canada and Poland among others.

Students from all kinds of financial background are keen to know the best universities according to their budget and financial standings. People with the budget of 15 to 30 lakhs (For complete MBBS course) are also considering locations like Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Bangadesh and Philippines for pursuing MBBS.

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But why?

To ensure that education and career of students do not get affected, and they have all the reasons to rise and shine in their paths of the medical career, foreign universities are ensuring better safety measures and protocols to facilitate a safe studying environment for their students.

This blog covers everything that you need to know why you can consider studying MBBS abroad instead of India.

Studying MBBS Abroad, WHY?

  • Insufficient Medical Seats In India:

    In 2020, 15 Lakh 91 thouand students enrolled for NEET 2020 and according to Medical Council Of India, total 79855 medical seats are available in government and private medical colleges both.

  • Opportunity with Experience:

    First of all, why would someone aspire to study MBBS abroad? Studying MBBS abroad would not only provide for exceptional career opportunities but also a lifetime experience.

  • Personal Improvement:

    An International degree course not only has global recognition but also provides for better placement for an individual. Improvement in language skills and exploring new interests is another side of the same coin.

  • Going beyond the comfort zone:

    This allows an individual to move out of his comfort zone and thrive in a place completely outside of his domain. Achievements carved out of such survival reap guaranteed benefits.

  • Adds Professional Value:

    Foreign education, at its culmination, allows an aspirant to take a decisive approach for his future. One can either explore countless job prospects abroad or could return to their home and seek the finest job opportunities.

Whichever way, the foreign study is considered as a cream by the employers, giving an extra edge to the individuals to grow and shine.

Foreign MBBS Amid Pandemic:

In the present scenario, when the world is facing probably the toughest times, all thanks to COVID-19 pandemic and coronavirus may have paused the admission process worldwide, foreign education still guarantees numerous benefits under increased human health and safety measures: –

• A responsible and student-oriented education system with 24/7 student support system
• International Curriculum availed by the Medical Colleges
• Online classes
• Better health and safety measures
• Myriad of fields of expertise (including the contemporary and unconventional ones)
• Tremendous International exposure
• A better environment for personal growth
• Better package and placements
• Better recognition
• Good for self-discipline

On second thought, the other curricular benefits are: –
• Learning & Improvement in language skills
• Introduction to a new culture
• Exploring new interests
• Making new friends
• Personal Development
• Life experiences

Measures Taken by Foreign Universities During COVID-19 Pandemic: –


When in most parts of the world, the coronavirus has resulted in a complete lockdown and issuance of several strict regulations to be followed by the citizens, universities abroad are working tirelessly to augment countless opportunities.
Along with this, they are focusing on implementing safety measures, which, in turn, would ensure the aspirations and inclination of students to study abroad, stay intact.

All this is an assurance to the aspirants that these universities, including some age-old ones, have the calibre to handle this crisis without causing even the slightest obstruction to the education and career of students.

Universities are taking essential measures: Sanitisation of classrooms, campuses on a daily basis, provision of medical facilities in the campus, and supply of essential goods to all students have been given a primary place.
Student support and helpline number: 24×7 student support and 24×7 COVID-19 helpline numbers have been designed to help students in case of any distress.
Online Classes: Incorporation of technology for online mode of educational experience to its students.
Helping students to get admission: Universities are providing online pre-sessional English courses to the aspirants, thereby ensuring no obstruction lies in their path to get admissions in foreign institutions.

Saying so, in a surprising turn of events, a study reveals that even during these disconsolate times, a majority of Indian Students still aspire to study abroad, owing to significant measures taken up by the Foreign Educational Institution amidst the COVID19 pandemic.

Thus, it can be concluded that aspiring for medical courses abroad is not a distant dream for the students, even after the pandemic and lockdown.

On the above-mentioned facts, things are clear as to why should MBBS aspirants look forward to applying for admissions in medical schools abroad even during coronavirus outbreak. 

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