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Belarus is a country of Eastern Europe which is really famous for their Stalinist architecture, primeval forests and monuments. The country is really beatiful and is close to nature because of so many forests and lakes in it. Also, it has a museum of the great patriotic war commemorates in Minsk which is also the capital of the country. One can find many churches in the country and one of the worth going church which is famous is the Neo romanesque church of saints simon and helena. Apart from these things, the country is also known for their universities of medical science where students can pursue MBBS. Yes, Belarus is also known for having many medical colleges with low fee and high education. So without making pre-mature assumptions, let us take a dig into the article and find out the life of MBBS students in Belarus.

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MBBS in Ukraine

Belarus is an eastern Europe country which is not only famous for their stalist engineering and nature but for MBBS also. The country is no less than any other European country in any way or we can also say that Belarus has got a benefit of having the best Universities to pursue MBBS which makes the country worthy for every student who has a dream of studying abroad and pursue MBBS to choose Belarus as the country for their education journey. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the country is not simply the best in terms of education but also a cost effective country where studying Belarus won’t cost you so much.

Studying MBBS in abroad is a dream of many and just because of high costing and expenses of living in abroad ruin the dreams of many. Not just the students but their parents also wish the best for their children but as not many can afford such costly expense, they drop off the idea. However, dropping off the idea isn’t necessary when you are planning to study MBBS from Belarus. Why? Because the country holds number of universities which are not just good enough in their country but all over in world when it comes to MBBS universities. And not just that but Belarus is a country where cost won’t stop you from living your dream.

Belarus provides the top notch education with using the latest technology and advancements in education sector. The language used in the universities of Belarus is English which makes it easier for students coming from different countries. Most of the medical universities of Belarus are well recognized by the MCI. One more good point to pursue MBBS in the country is the government of the country which is so supportive all the time for all the students be it the local or students coming from different nations. Because of this, spending the years will become easier.

Benefits Of MBBS In Germany

  • Low cost- The best part is the low and effective cost of living and studying in the country which makes it eligible not only to study but to travel too.

  • European standard of living- European standard of living is one thing which most of the Asians are not aware of. And it is also a thing people would love to try and since it is an Eastern European country, you will also get a chance to live a modern european standard of living in a very low cost.

  • Supportive government- Since the government of the country is supportive enough to the students coming to study MBBS, it really adds on as one of the major advantage for Indian students.

  • Practical exposure and high technology- The country is not just cost effective but also good because the colleges focus on practical exposure more which really helps the student to become a good doctor.

  • Indian food- All the universities have their own kitchens where you are free to cook your own cuisine in a particular time.

  • Unlike any other country such as America, you are not going to face a lot of trouble in getting the visa approved of Belarus.


Indian Medical Students in Belarus

Due to their low cost and high education, Belarus has become a country where not only Indians but every students would love to pursue MBBS from all around the globe.  Talking about the count, 15000 students from all around the world are pursuing MBBS in Belarus. Out of these, 30% of the students are Indian. The downfall in the percentage is due to the strict competitive exam and the process of getting an admission in the country. But since the country has many good universities which are perfect to pursue MBBS from and also low in cost, you can expect a good number of Indians in the country.

Is MBBS in Belarus Valid in India?

The short answer of this question is Yes, MBBS from Belarus is valid in India. And not only in India but in most of the countries, MBBS from Belarus is valid enough. However, just like other countries, students studied MBBS from Belarus also has to go through the MCI screening test after which, he/she will be allowed to initiate their practice in their own country as a doctor. Doing MBBS in Belarus will take your 6 years however it is really worth as the education and training one can get from Belarus will be enough for making the student a qualified doctor.

India Belarus Foreign Relations

Belarus not only maintains decent relations with India but most of the Asian countries as well. India, being a leading country is polite and humble with most of the countries and with Belarus, the relations are quite peaceful. Both India and Belarus citizens visit each others to explore the country as a tourist. And as far as MBBS is concerned in Belarus, the government of Belarus is always supported towards the students who are in the country just for completing their degree. Thus, as per the reports, people did not really face any criticism or discrimination in the country which makes the country eligible to visit.

People in Belarus

People in Belarus are not really egoistic or selfish. In fact, Belarus is a country famous for their warm hosting. Be it a person from any country or any religion, the country knows how to not discriminate between them and treat them equally. The best part of studying MBBS in Belarus is that not only the local people of the country will support you but the government too. The government of the country not only supports students of their country but others too.

Culture in Belarus

Different form of dance, the top notch literature, rich heritage are the things which makes the culture of Belarus famous. The country has so much in it which can not be neglected and is worth seeing at least once. Their culture is the thing which keeps each other connected in the country. One thing is assured that if you visit Belarus even as a tourist place, you will be fond of their culture for sure.

Religion in Belarus

The religion followed in the country is Orthodox religion. According to the reports,  there are people who practice the Christianity in large numbers and due to this, the country has around 400 churches in it. Apart from this, other religion people are not in a big amount in the country. However, even if you are someone who is not catholic, you are free to practice your religion in the country and nobody will disrespect or judge you on the basis of your religion in Belarus. It is a country where people respect others irrespective of their religion.

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