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China is a country with the highest number of the population consisting of 1.404 billion people in it.

The country is called as the People’s republic of China and it covers the area of 9,600,000 sq km area which is the fourth largest country in the world.

And the best part of China is that it is the most suitable country for living your dream of doing MBBS. Why? Let us find out below.


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We know how difficult it is to live your dream. Only a few can do it and for making it possible, one has to go through a lot. But once you have your aim, you need a plan, a good university from where you can study well.

So for the MBBS students, it is important to decide the country where they want to pursue their dream. And without a doubt, China is a perfect country for it. As we already know, it is a leading country which is always in talks for their brilliant technology and outstanding work ethics.

Be it their work or their culture, they really deserve our respects. China holds a record of having the world’s highest ranked MBBS universities of the world.

The country has the charm to attract people and especially the MBBS students. Once you are there, you will understand how lucky you are to be part of the college of China as their teaching methods are way too different and upgraded from the rest of the world.

By making good use of their top-notch technology, they make sure that they train their students well from every aspect. But who says that good things only come at a good price?

Yes, it is quite a shocking thing for us too to know that the fee of living your dream of pursuing MBBS in China is really affordable. So the budget you have made for studying MBBS in China will easily be suited there.

The universities are well approved by MCI, WHO, and MOE which means that nobody can question your university at all. One important thing about the country is that their local language is Mandarin and it is badly needed for you to learn the language before you land there.
Why? Because the medium of teaching in China is Mandarin and in order to have a great experience of internship too, they are going to need the skill of knowing this language as the local citizen of the country might not know English.

So yes, before packing the bags, learning a new language is much needed and it’s fun too.

Benefits Of MBBS In China

  • Top-ranked universities- As mentioned, China owns the top-ranked MBBS universities which give you a solid reason to study abroad.

  • Top-notch technology- The students are well trained by using their top-notch technology which makes the student more advanced and a step ahead from other country students.

  • Low cost of living- The cost of living is one of the major concern while deciding the country for studying MBBS. One can easily go for China as the cost of living is really low and affordable even for the middle-class students.

  • More exposure of practical knowledge- China knows how important it is for an MBBS student to have good exposure to practical knowledge and hence they give a good focus on it.

  • 200 Universities- Even if you don’t like one university, there are 199 more to go which gives you the power of making a choice while choosing the university for studying abroad.

  • Indian food won’t be any problem for Indian students as they would get it easily in their hostel mess.

Top MCI Approved Universities In China

jiangsu university | mbbs in China

Jiangsu University

Duration: 6 Years

mbbs in germany

China Medical University

Duration: 6 Years

mbbs in China | nanjing medical university

Nanjing Medical University

Duration: 6 Years

Indian Medical Students in China

The number of Indian students pursuing MBBS in China is more than 10,000 which means that you are not going to feel alone at all.

Every year, you can expect at least 10,000 Indian students to fly to China and the best part is among those 10,000 students, on an average, 4000 students are female. So yes, hence proved that the country is a much safer place for women.

And within the budget of 1,00,000, you will be able to manage there as the food will cost you nearly INR 60,000 per year and the accommodation will depend on the selection of a university.

Is MBBS From China Valid In India?

Yes, it is. Not just in India but if you pursue MBBS from China, your degree is valid for the rest of the world as well.

But for practice, one has to go through the MCI screening test such as PLAB, USMLE, FMGE, and such exams to become an eligible doctor who can start their practice in the country.

If you have a plan of practicing in any other country, you have to go through their screening test and yes, you will be all good to start your practice.

India China Foreign Relations

In the headlines, you might have seen the war between India-China all the time. However, the scenario is not always the same. Because of the mutual interest in technology and having the strong political background, both the countries are kind of happy with each other and especially when it comes to the education sector, China is very kind to welcome Indians from all their hearts.

People in China

Chinese people are known for their work ethics and life ethics. The country is said to be one of the most disciplined countries all around the globe.

And the people of China are mostly kind and humble which means that you are not going to face any issue in making friends there.

Culture in China

China is famous for its festivals. And yes, the country really enjoys the festival. As an Indian, you are going to love their culture as all their festivals are colorful and bright which will remind you of India.

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