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Germany which is popular by the name Federal Republic of Germany is located in Europe. It has been an important part of the European Union(EU) and have sixteen states in total.

Germany is an area of a total of 357021 square kilometers. It is considered as the largest economy of Europe and stands fifth in world rank. It is famous for its varied landscapes.

The country has mountains, deserts, valley, etc, almost everything can be seen here. Its natural beauty is one of the things makes it more popular than in other countries. The total population of Germany is around 75 million.

Talking about its cities, its largest metropolis city is Berlin, which is also its capital. The international decision is taken place at Ruhr. The most popular cities of Germany are Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Bremen, Leipzig, Nuremberg.

For immigration, it is considered as the second best country after the United States. The immigrants here do not get any issue as all the policies for immigrants are crystal clear.


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Germany has always been a destination for all medical students. Its all because of great universities it has. In research and development, it has a historical role. There many top universities for medical science in this country.

Approx 80,000 medical students are studying currently in a total of 35 universities in Germany. By each passing year, the number of enrolment of medical students has been increasing rapidly.

Here medical studies have a great future as there are many opportunities with which medical students can get benefitted. Especially, for MBBS students this is one of the best places to study in Europe.

Here applied science and engineering are popular courses, however, MBBS has never lost its importance in this country. Apart from locals, students from foreign countries also come here to study MBBS course in these universities. The foreign students can complete their course here and can stay a citizen of the country to continue the medical practice in Germany. For this, they would need to apply for the permanent citizenship of the country after 5 years of medical practice.

The country provides MBBS studies at a much lower cost than other countries. The tuition fee is exempted for the students of the undergraduate level, which also reduces the overall cost of the course.

When it comes to Indians, this is an apt place to study. Indian students have a very bright future in the MBBS course of Germany.

For them, it is easy to get admission in the universities. They can also practice after completion of their course. The universities have a good environment for study. They have all the required facilities for the students and good infrastructure.

For international students, Germany has policies of work permit. It can be easily availed by students and it will have a validity of 18 months. For students who belong to Europe already, no work permit will be required to work in Germany.

Benefits Of MBBS In Germany

  • The universities of Germany are recognized by big organizations of the world such as WHO, MCI, UNO etc. The degree from these universities will these have validity all over the world.

  • The students would not require to give any kind of donation to get admission to these universities.

  • The universities have amazing infrastructure and facilities for all of its students.

  • The course medium will be in German language only.

  • The cost of studying MBBS course in Germany is slightly lower than in other countries.

  • No tuition fee will be charged at the undergraduate level. In fact, education is free for international students in some of its universities.

  • Students will be given MCI coaching during the MBBS course after which it will become easy for them to appear in the MCI screening test.

  • The students will be able to work after completing the course as the country provides a work permit for international students.

  • Indian food won’t be any problem for Indian students as they would get it easily in their hostel mess.

3 MCI Approved Universities In Germany

mbbs in germany

Humboldt University of Berlin

Duration: 6 Years

mbbs in germany

Heidelberg University

Duration: 6 Years

mbbs in germany

Philipps University Marburg

Duration: 6 Years

Indian Medical Students in Germany

Indians also have a great scope for future after completing their MBBS degree in Germany. As the country has policies for international students, Indians also comes under this gambit. Thus they would be eligible to get work permit after which they will be able to stay in Germany and continue medical practice there.

The universities of Germany are recognized by medical council of India which is also known as MCI. It is the largest body of India for medical practice. As it has most of the universities accredited MCI, Indian students would be eligible to appear in the screening test which is conducted by MCI.

After qualifying in this test, they would be able to apply for the government jobs and PG courses in India.

Is MBBS in Germany Valid in India?

Yes, MBBS in Germany is valid in India. The universities of Germany have got recognition from the medical council of India. Thus, the students who have studied from German universities will have a valid degree in India too.

They will need to appear in the MCI screening test and after qualifying the same they would be able to apply for the government jobs and postgraduate course in any government medical college of India.

The students will also be able to work in India, they would be able to continue medical practice independently or in any hospital or India.

India Germany Foreign Relations

Indian and Germany share a good relationship for ages. The Indian government has been the first one to commence a relationship with Germany after the second world war. Both countries have been in a bilateral agreement which is based on mutual trust and respect.

The countries have trade, cultural, and technological relationship. In the year 2017, Germany invested $10.71 billion in India, thereby became the seventh largest investor of India.

In all over Europe, Germany is the biggest economy partner in trade of India. The political terms between India and Germany are also good.

People in Germany

German people are very friendly in nature and are polite. People from other countries do not get the problem in staying in Germany. The people here are helpful.

Culture in Germany

Germany is a country following Christianity religion mostly. It is thus obvious the culture of Christian is followed. Although people from different countries come here to study or work, their festivals and traditions are also celebrated in Germany.

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