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Poland is a country situated in central Europe. The country is sharing all of its borders with other countries.

It shares the west border with Germany, south with Slovakia, Southwest with the Czech Republic, southeast with Ukraine, northeast with Lithuania and Russia, and eastern border with Belarus. The country is connected through the Atlantic ocean with its sea lanes. The maritime border is shared between Poland, Denmark, and Sweden.

It is a famous place known for great culture and traditional background. Poland is covered with a total area of 312685. This is the reason it larger than Italy. However, it is smaller than the united states.

The country has capital in Warsaw. Warsaw is known as one of the best places in Poland. The city is the largest city in Poland and also its capital. People here officially speak polish language.

MBBS in poland


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Europe is famous for providing the best higher education. Poland makes it true with its medical courses. Poland as a destination to pursue MBBS will be the best choice as the country provides the MBBS course in one of the best universities in the world. The universities of Poland are known for the courses it provides.

The country is considered as the largest growing economy in Europe. So is with its education system. Specially, when it comes to international students the country is considered to be one of the best places in Europe to study MBBS course. Here top universities of the world can be found.

The universities of Poland provides an MBBS course at a much cheaper cost than any other country. The expenses to live in Poland are also not that much expensive. International students get various facilities in these universities.

The medium of MBBS course in Poland in English, thus it would not be a problem for the students from other countries to study here. To make the international students comfortable in the country, universities also teach polish language during the course so that students can communicate with polish people.

The universities have good infrastructure and appoint the best faculty to teach students. This ensures a perfect study environment for the students. Faculties are helpful and teach basics clearly.

The universities are accredited by the world’s renowned organizations namely WHO, MCI, etc. Due to this, students from these universities will have a valid degree around the world and thus would be able to continue the medical practice in any part of the world. The country also permits international students to work there after pursuing MBBS course. There are a lot of job opportunities for the students of the universe of Poland. Even, it is easy for the students to get admission in these universities.

The process admissions start in May or June. For private colleges of Poland, students can apply between May to October for admission.

Benefits Of MBBS In Germany

  • The universities in Poland are recognized with most of the world’s biggest organizations.

  • The accommodation expenses are also low in this country.

  • The students get work opportunities in Poland after their studies.

  • Universities of Poland has separate hostel facilities for the international students.

  • There is no entrance exam to get admission to these universities.

  • During the course, students would be able to work to bear their expenses.

  • For international students, the language wouldn’t be a problem as the course is in English medium.

  • The students get internship programmes in prestigious hospitals in Poland.

  • For international students, universities have different scholarship programmes.

  • he MCI has also recognized the universities of Poland.

Indian Medical Students in Poland

These days Indian students prefer to study abroad for higher education. Indian students can consider Poland to study MBBS course. Reason for this is numerous. As already mentioned Poland has top universities of the world where Indian students can apply for the MBBS. The cost of the course is cheaper thus easily affordable for students. Indians would not even have to spend high expenses to live there as all universities have hostel facilities available. Moreover, if any student opts to live independently in a rented space, the cost wouldn’t be high as the country is cheaper. The students will also get the opportunity to work in Poland if they want to after finishing their course.

Is MBBS in Poland Valid in India?

Yes, MBBS degree from Poland universities have validity in India also. The universities are recognized by MCI, which is one of the renowned organization in India. After studying here students will be eligible to appear in the MCI screening test. This test will make them able to work in India or apply for the job or pg studies in government college.

India Poland Foreign Relations

Talking about the relationship India and Poland share, both of the countries have calm and peaceful relations. They have signed a bilateral agreement for trade. Since 1992 to 2008, the relations became stronger and the bilateral agreement increased up to 11 times than before. The countries are providing cooperation in defence with each other. Other than defence, since ages both have a relationship in terms of trade and Innovation. When it comes to opposing communalism, imperialism, and racism, both countries share the same ideology. Poland has invested around 600$ million in India. India has also invested 3 billion US dollars in Poland.

People in Poland

The people of Poland highly cultured and well mannered. They are friendly and helpful in nature. With overseas people they are good. People here are known as poles. Poland has a high literacy rate.

Culture in Poland

Poland has been a religious country. Here people believe in god. It has multiple region followers thus different traditions are being followed here. Different festivals are also celebrated in the country.

Religion in Poland

In Poland about 87.2% of the population, Catholics can be found. In these, 86.9% are Roman Catholics and the other .3% are Greek Catholics, Byzantine Catholics, and Armenian Catholics. 1.3% is orthodox out of the remaining population. The other constitute 0.4%  protestant and the Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhist, Hare Krishna, Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Muslim, Jewish and Mormons are other 0.4%. The remaining 10.8% are unspecified.

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