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Whenever we talk about studying in abroad, the very first country that comes in our mind is the USA for sure.

The USA is one of the best countries for studying and you won’t be surprised knowing that it is also considered as the best place to study from all over the world. The USA is the third largest country(area) with 3.8 million square miles.

It has 50 states where you will find the best universities in the world especially for studying MBBS in the USA. For sure, nobody can deny the fact that if you are graduated from the US, you become popular and important for sure.

But is that the only reason why you should study MBBS in the USA? Of course, not. Not just because of the reputation but there is much more about the country which makes it the perfect choice to study MBBS. Let us find out here.



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Studying MBBS in the USA is a dream come true moment for many Indians for sure. However, for making this dream actually come true, you need to know everything about it so that you can actually work towards the goal.

There are many countries which are famous for pursuing the course of MBBS. However, if you wish to complete your degree from the USA, you must know that it, not an easy task at all and as compared to the other countries such as Russia, China or Ukraine, the system of medical study in the USA is totally different. They do not follow the same pattern as the other countries do.

It is also bit tough however it does not mean that one can not pursue it. If one can put some dedication, hard work and most importantly their passion, pursuing MBBS from the USA is no big task. Making an entry in America for pursuing MBBS might be challenging however once you are in the country, things will go with an ease for sure.

The USA is known for its advanced technology which they use in their medical universities as well. You will find the universities having the most advanced technology which will give better exposure to the students.

Talking about how one can get admission in a medical university of USA, it is not a difficult task especially for the Indian students as they also conduct an entrance exam through which they select the students who are eligible to pursue MBBS in the USA. And according to that, they will be getting the medical universities of the USA among the 350 medical universities.

They conduct the MCAT exam in which people from all around the globe can take part. The level of exam is really high considering it is for getting the admission in the world’s leading universities. However, if a student works hard, it won’t be hard.

Benefits Of MBBS In USA

  • You are going to get good clinical exposure while studying in the USA as they focus on practical knowledge more.
  • You can also work while studying as there will be many jobs there especially for the students like you and can manage your expenses and cost of living.

  • There are 350 universities and among those 350 universities, there are many ranking universities too.

  • By living in the USA, you will also get the flexibility to choose the clinical site in the world.

  • There will be advanced technology used in colleges of the USA which will help you to be a step ahead from the rest of the world.

Indian Medical Students in USA

Every year, 10,000 students appear in USA medical entrance exam for getting the best university. Indian students are required to appear in the MCAT exam in order to get the best medical college for doing MBBS in the USA. But talking in percentage, out of every 100 students, only 20 gets the admission which clearly shows that the level of exam is high. So yes, due to the high cut off, it is difficult to get admission in USA medical university.

Is MBBS From USA Valid in India?

Yes, if you have completed MBBS from the USA, it will be a valid degree in India. MCI has also permitted those students who have completed their MBBS in the USA to start practicing in India without going through any MCI test.

India USA Foreign Relations

The USA is known for maintaining a good relationship with other leading countries. If stats are to be trusted, you can expect 130,000 Indian students coming every year in the USA for studying courses in the country. It means that you can expect many Indians there so that you are not going to feel left out there. Also, the local residents of the USA are also humble and kind enough to not make you feel uncomfortable there.

People in USA

The country is famous for its fast lives. Nobody has time to involve in each other’s matter. People in the USA start working from an early age and manage their own expenses. But for sure, in the country has a population of 327.16 million, you will not feel alone. Americans are known for their good nature and hosting so you are going to have fun while studying in the USA.

Culture in USA

The USA follows the simple western European culture. However, Native American, Polynesian, Asian and Latin American follow their own culture.

In short, there are many different cultures followed in the country but nobody dares to disrespect each other. Also, if you are the night owl who wants to explore the nightlife, the USA is the best country to explore. You will get the best pop music and pubs of this world.

Religion in USA

The religion people follow in the USA is Christianity. According to the sources, in the USA, more than three-quarters of Americans follow Christianity. But in the country, there are Mormon and Catholic followers too. And some of the local residents also practice Islam and Buddhism.

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