Coronavirus In India: Then and Now


The Millennials second month witnessed the outbreak of the  most scorny and horrified Virus COVID-19. The virus is immaterial to age, sex and demographics. The pandemic initially started  from China’s Wuhan.

Three Parameters Of Coronavirus

The virus has three parameters in order to access the multitude of its density.

  • Transmissibility rate
  • Fatality rate 
  • Incubation rate.

The transmissibility rate of this contagious coronavirus is very high and is spreading rapidly. 

Global presence of the Lethal Virus

So far this deadly virus has taken a toll on 192 countries all over the world. From China to Italy, From Spain to Iran, most countries have experienced major slump in their economies leading to shutting of businesses, manufacturing houses and restaurants for a period of time.

Italy tops up in the Global Pandemic

Italy tops up the graph. It witnessed 74,386 cases, out of which 9,362 cases were recovered and 57,521 active cases. The death toll in Italy has risen to 7,503, which has been growing on a persistent rate and a cause of worry. Italy has totally banned any kind of moment in the country.The cities of Bergamo, Lombardy, witnessed the maximum number of cases who have been hospitalized.
(Source: Date: 26 March 2020, 01:40 PM

Measures Taken By Italy

On 31st January, 2020 the Italian Government declared a state of emergency by restricting the international flights. New directive  commanding the quarantine of more than 50,000 Italians was issued as soon as this epidemic initiated its disastrous effects. All the religious services were cancelled . Every street, park, supermarket, stores were desolated.  

The entire country is under extreme lockdown.Today Italy is undergoing a massive  turmoil caused due to this carcinogenic virus, that even the loved ones are scared to touch the dead bodies who have died due to coronavirus attack as its spreading malignant in every small municipality of Italy. 

 With this horrific situation, Italy is trying to alarm every nation, every community of the World   by taking necessary precautions, from this noxious virus, social distancing being one of them.

Current Situation In India

Presently India has witnessed hundreds of cases too.The disease is rapidly spreading from mostly citizens who have travelled abroad. Maharashtra has reported the maximum number of COVID19 cases. 

Total cases in India: 662 (As of 26 March 2020)

State or UT Cases
Delhi 36 (including 1 foreigner)
Kerala 112 (including 7 foreigners)
Punjab 29
Jammu & Kashmir 11
Ladakh 13
Rajasthan 36 (including 2 foreigners)
Uttar Pradesh 38 (including 1 foreigner)
Maharashtra 124 (including 3 foreigners)
Karnataka 51
Tamil Nadu 26 (including 3 foreigners)
Telangana 39 (including 11 foreigners)
Haryana 21 (including 14 foreigners)
Andhra Pradesh 10
Himachal Pradesh 4
Gujarat 49
Uttarakhand 4
Odisha 2
West Bengal 11
Chandigarh 7
Chhattisgarh 6
Madhya Pradesh 23
Bihar 6
Puducherry 1
Manipur 1
Mijoram 1
Goa 6
Andaman and Nikobar 1

Total deaths in India: 16 (As of 26 March 2020)

State or UT No of Death
Delhi 1
Punjab 1
Jammu & Kashmir 1
Maharashtra 3
Karnataka 2
Tamil Nadu 1
Himachal Pradesh 1
Gujarat 3
West Bengal 1
Madhya Pradesh 1
Bihar 1

Total no. of people recovered: 43 (As of 26 March 2020)

Measures Taken By Indian Government

The government has tried to implement stringent measures to stem up with the Coronavirus. All the visas for foreign travellers are cancelled by the government. The Indian government was also  held responsible for evacuating its citizens from China, Iran and Italy. The Indian airspace base noticed the stoppage of all flights from all over the world. The government has imposed a shutdown of schools, religious places, clubs, bars and  restaurants.There is a provision for mass quarantine in the hospitals as well.

22nd March 2020 has been marked historic as the honorable Prime minister of our nation announced a Janta curfew from morning 7 AM to 9 PM, just as a precautionary measure for the citizens of India, Most of the states are going through a locking down phase where there will be absolutely no to and fro movement as the rail, metro and bus services are stalled till 31st March 2020.

On 24 March 2020 Prime Minister of India announced complete lockdown of 21 days in the country to fight against coronvirus.

The WHO Observance

The WHO  issued various mandates regarding the spread of deadly disease, which included  symptoms, protective measures for mankind against the coronavirus. As on 26 March 2020, the WHO confirmed 473,137 cumulative cases globally. The total number of confirmed deaths is 21,336  all across the globe and 114,779 people recovered. Almost everyday, every nation is reporting the number of COVID cases. It has been declared as a Global Public Health Emergency.


At the end , amidst so many rumours floating around the need of the hour is social distancing.  The Universe is teaching us to slow down with our present pace, to stop producing and stay home for a while and let Mother Earth breath peacefully without all the extra pollution created by mankind. A virus can come through all of us and wipe each one of us. The call for the entire fraternity is to distance from each other, slow down a bit and cherish this time. Spread love and positivity. Stay safe, stay home.

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